Our progress

BDR has received a very positive response from the public and so far has supported over 3,200 people to sign up to donate their brains to medical research. Since 2007, nearly 600 brains have been collected from those who have passed away. Brain banks are responsible for collecting the brain tissue within 48 hours of the person’s death. Each bank is committed to ensuring that the family receives the best possible support during this distressing time.

There has been a fantastic response from the research community too, who can see the unique benefit of using brain tissue from BDR. Researchers can search for brain tissue using our online database and apply for samples to support their research. Each application is reviewed by leading scientists in the field as well as people with a direct personal connection to dementia to ensure the tissue is only used for research of the highest calibre and relevance to people with dementia.

Almost 250 research projects have requested tissue samples to research into all forms of dementia in the UK and abroad. BDR tissue has been acknowledged over 150 high quality publications, contributing to the advanced knowledge of the causes of dementia and the development of new treatments.